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Leaders in Touch Point Transformation through the use of Smart Card - based applications.

CardPro is the leading smart card manufacturer and provider of technology systems’ integration services to varied industries. Our aim is to intervene and foster a delightful customer experience at different touch points where the customer/user interacts with the client organisation.


We use Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies to deliver solutions at critical touch points. Our solutions use Bar Codes, RFID, Biometric Identification, Magnetic Stripes, Optical Character Recognition, Smart Cards and Voice Recognition technologies. CardPro improves process efficiency. It ushers in holistic change that simplifies processes, decentralises working, and automates critical tasks.


What do we offer?

We offer an end-to-end solution that will fundamentally transform your touch points with consumers/users and foster delight, while improving efficiency and accountability.

Our work begins with understanding the task at hand, identifying areas of execution, as well as providing solutions and implementing them.



What is our delivery infrastructure?

Our delivery infrastructure consists of system analysts, technology and digital application specialists, and RFID and smart card manufacturing. So, we design the solution, create the application backend to support it, manufacture the smart cards using select technologies to deliver the desired experience and implement it on ground.



Catering to diverse industries

Our service delivery capability enables us to serve any organisation that has touch points. We have successfully implemented solutions for industries as varied as healthcare, hospitality, telecom, insurance, retail, banking etc.


CardPro is the go - to Company for organisations seeking to benefit from Touch Point Transformation.



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