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Offering a variety of card- based automation solutions

Telecom Industry

CardPro is one of the largest manufacturers of pre-paid cards for the telecom industry. We work with all the major mobile phone companies and are the market leaders in the industry. In FY 2013-14, we printed over [   ] crore cards transforming the pre-paid user experience.

Healthcare Industry


In healthcare, CardPro offers a card based solution that enables the patient to store his medical history, past diagnosis, and other medical records. The card can also be loaded with cash and can be used to make cashless payments at the hospital.

Automobile Industry


A card based solution to track the service record instead of keeping paper based files. The card can also be used by automobile companies to institute loyalty and reward programmes.

Agro Industry


A smart card that helps large retailers and farmers to seamlessly track all transaction details and make cashless payment.

Airlines Industry


A cashless smart card that enables flyers to pay for meals online facilitating transaction and eliminating the trouble to find the exact change. The airlines can also use these to institute reward and loyalty programmes.

LPG Distribution

LPG Pass

A card based system to monitor the LPG distribution business. The card can be used to order gas cylinders, and receive delivery by swiping it on a reader carried by the delivery person.

Clubs & Gymkhanas


A smart card access system that enables members to enter gymkhanas and use its facilities according to select membership plans.

Banking Cards

We manufacture and personalise banking smart cards and offer an end to end solution to bankers. Our service includes:

• Scanning/Data entry

• Card manufacturing

• Kit manufacturing

• Card personalisation and dispatch

Retail Cards

Smart Card based, electronically actuated reward programmes for loyalty and repeat purchases or continued patronage.

Internet Cards

Unique card based solutions that enable internet users to buy internet access time and log on to member networks.

Security Management Industry

Access card based solutions that enable you to calibrate, store and record details of entry and exit of your team members across your facility.

iPay Cards

A unique secure cashless payment solution that CardPro is currently implementing enabling the payment process to be carried out through multiple access points like IVRS, mobile and web. The system brings down the cost per transaction and enables small and large cashless payment across a large number of member establishments.

Transport Cards

We manufacture e-driving licences that are smart card based.

ID Manager

IDmanager.in is the online resource to manage all your ID card printing, without any capital expenditure, operational expense or special designing skills.  You just choose your template, upload your photos and data and order your cards. Your cards are delivered within 48 hours at a small, flat shipping charge.

Your School / College, Your Process, Your rules!

StudentPass is an online school management system that adapts to the system and process of your Institution while offering modules that are common to all schools and colleges. It simplifies the administrative tasks, eliminates the chances of human error and delivers real-time, online MIS reports on a variety of critical management issues that can help students, teachers the institution management, staff and the alumni as well as the parent. It is an effective platform that automates your academic as well as administrative tasks.

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